SWAGGER STICK(no to war).

#contentious # poems

Swagger stick

Handing out fear from their hand

The hand holding the swagger stick

Swagger stick used to abuse the unwilling

Abused by swagger stick to make them willing

No to war! Killed by the unwilling

For the benefit of bullies…….

Swagger stick just a symbol of the bully

A symbol of divide and conquer

Snapping the stick a must..NO TO WAR

Coming together saying no to war. Snap the swagger stick

The hatred induced with fear

By the frightful swagger stick

So prized by the inbreed bigots and bullies

Feared by their unwilling and bullied cannon fodder

The unwilling common man smashed in the face

With the sergeant’s swagger stick

To make his unwilling cannon fodder

kill for his will

For his Eton boys club freedom

Why should the unwilling and enslaved fight?

For the freedom of the inbreed bigots of Eton boys club

They own the swagger stick and it’s freedom

Given to all who start wars.

The swagger stick snapped into many.

Set in resin and framed to show the future

How not to bully and enslave others

To fight and die for the benefit of the inbreed bigoted  warmongers.

© rog leach July 2020



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