Black Tulips

this piece caught my eye because when I first got my garden I planted some black tulips. What a lovely piece brings back the memories o some of the first things I grew.

writing in north norfolk

Glossy goblets
in the florist’s shop,
rare tulips,
brimming with power
and strength, constrained
like Rilke’s panther, stained
with the ink of witching hours.
Oh, for a pot of midnight flowers,
scented with soil, not a bouquet
of beauties with stems cut
and wilting in their pain,
but petals of black velvet
that bloom again
and again.

Kim M. Russell, 5th February 2020

Image result for potted black tulips"Image found on Pinterest

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #5: A Mouthful of Flowers, also linked to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

Sanaa’s back this Wednesday with the Weekly Scribblings, together with a flowery quote from Shannon L. Alder and two wonderful poems by Dylan Thomas and Claude Mckay.

She says that flowers have inspired poets, writers and artists for generations. She mentions the metaphorical language of flowers and their use as symbols. Our challenge is to write while inspired…

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